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Welcome to Ramblings of a Centos Ninja

Centos How-Tos

Centos 7

--> Install Remi and EPEL yum repo Centos 7
--> Install Mysql Database Centos 7
--> Install Apache Web Server Centos 7
--> Install PHP/PHP-FPM 5.4 Centos 7
--> Install (LAMP) Linux Apache MySQL and PHP Centos 7
--> Install Redis on Centos 7 How To
--> How To Configure SWAP on Centos 7 
--> How to find user memory usage in linux
--> How to Configure letsencrypt with Apache on Centos 7 Server
--> How to configure Gmail as a Mail Relay with Postfix
--> How use GeoIP on the command line Centos7
--> Protecting Folders with .htpasswd/.htaccess
--> Linux setfacl command
--> How to disable SSH timeout  New.jpg
--> How to Install Squid Proxy Server on Cento7  New.jpg
--> How To Use Systemctl to Manage Systemd Services

Centos 6

--> Change Runlevel
--> Check Current Runlevel
--> Change Run Level at Bootup
--> How to change the Hostname on Centos
--> chkconfig settings
--> How to extract a tar.gz file
--> Install SIM - System Integrity Monitor
--> Use Bash on a Non Bash User
--> Quit Bash Shell without Saving Bash History
--> Change the Timezone Centos
--> Check the Version of Package
--> How to install Sphinx on Centos Server
--> How to install Redis on a Centos 6.4 Server
--> Basic Redis commands - Cheat Sheet
--> Adding a New Disk Drive with Centos
--> Creating Backups using rsync with Examples
--> Expand your bash_history to 2500
--> Setup logrotate to rotate your logs
--> GPG: Encrypt And Decrypt Files With A Password
--> Install Remi and EPEL yum repo 
--> Install NewRelic on Centos6
--> Setting Up An NFS Server And Client On CentOS 6
--> Sar is not working how to restart
--> Batch jpeg Image Optimization
--> Howto Block or Open HTTP/HTTPs Ports IPTables
--> Reset Root Password in CentOS
--> Setup vsftp with SELinux
--> Howto Setup NTP on CentOS
--> Fix corrupted RPM database
--> Crontab Usage
--> Make an ISO from a Folder with mkisofs
--> How to setup a VPN server with CentOS PPTPD
--> APF Firewall -Advanced Policy Firewall - Basics
--> How to Block Bittorrent Traffic with IPtables
--> How to find user memory usage in linux
--> How to install ccsrch on Centos 6
--> How to install jpegoptim for CentOS
--> How to install optipng for CentOS
--> How to install gifsicle for CentOS
--> How to install jpegtran for CentOS
--> IPTABLES quick command list
--> Linux setfacl command
--> Postfix Mail Queue Commands for Reviewing Emails
Magento How To's

Magento Community Edition/Magento Enterprise Edition

--> What is Magento?
--> Clear Magento Cache
--> Disable Magento Modules
--> Turn on Manual Indexing
--> How to Reset Magento Password
--> How to Create Users in Mageento
--> Enable Mysql Slow Query Logging
--> Magento Connect is not Working
--> Magento will NOT save my Product Updates
--> Magento Internal Cron not Running
--> Setting up the System Cron Job
--> Magento Connect is not Working
--> Changing the Minimum Search Query - MySQL Full Text Only
--> Install Redis Caching for Magento
--> Install Redis Full Page Caching for Magento Enterprise
--> Setting up a Second Instance of Redis
--> Magento Setup Return-Path Email
--> Magento Server Compatibility Check
--> Magento Database Optimization - Log Cleaning Script
--> Magento Site Performance Optimization 
--> Magento Log Rotate with logrotate
--> How to use CDN with Webfonts with Magento 
--> How to Disable Magento Newsletter Module
--> Magento : Execute Custom Module Cron Manually
Magento2 How To's

Magento 2 Community Edition

--> Upgrade Magento2 via CLI
--> Enable/Disable Magento2 Maintenance Page
--> How to set Magento 2 permissions and avoid installation errors
--> How to speed up Magento 2 out of the box
--> How to Change Magento 2 mode
--> How to Enable Disable Magento 2 caches
--> Magento 2 How to Add Alternative HTTP headers
--> Magento 2 Purge Varnish Cache
--> Magento 2 Redis Page Cache and Default Cache Example
--> Magento 2 How to check Magento Version
--> Magento 2 Reindex Error: Index is locked by another reindex process. Skipping
--> Magento 2 Reindex via the CLI
--> Magento 2 Custom 503 Maintenance page
Memcache Caching

Memcached Server

--> Memcached Monitor Tool
--> Setup Multi Instance Memcache
--> Check if Memcached is Running
--> Flush Your Memcached Instance
--> Check Memory Usage of Memcached
--> Memcache running out of Memory?
--> Memcached List all Keys
Apache How Tos


--> Deny access to my site with an .htaccess file
--> Redirect site to www or non www
--> Restrict POST request to Website
--> Install Tomcat6 Server on Centos 6
--> How to setup an SSL Certificate for Free
--> Enable Apache to Create Core Dumps
--> Enable php-fpm to create core dumps
--> Debug PHP Enabling slow_log 
--> Block Bots by User Agent String
--> Install mod_extact_forward - Show Real IP behind Proxy
--> Install ionCube Loaders for Centos
--> Install Zend Guard with PHP 5.3 on Centos
--> Install Zend Guard 6.0 with PHP 5.4 on Centos
--> Disable Mod_Security for a single vhost
--> Hide PHP Version(X-Powered-By) in Headers
--> Sessions are ending before MaxLifetime
--> Apache mod_speling case insensitive urls issue
--> Restrict access via htaccess via ipaddress
--> Howto install mod_evasive with fail2ban
--> Install the Latest version PHP on CentOS
--> How to bypass .htpasswd for certain IPs Apache
--> Clear mod_pagespeed cache 
--> Install GeoIP for Apache and PHP
--> How to block or allow countries using GeoIP and .htaccess
--> How to disable mod_security per vhost
--> Force HTTPS for entire website via htaccess
--> Restrict Access to wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php
--> The X-Frame-Options response header
--> Install Xdebug with php-fpm per pool
--> How to Enable Gzip Compression
--> Enable Apache rewrite logging
--> Protecting Folders with .htpasswd/.htaccess
--> How to Disable PHP Execution in Certain Directories
--> Directory listing in htaccess. Allow, Deny, Disable, Enable Directory Listing in .htaccess
--> What is the Cache-Control Header
--> How do I block a host by ASN for apache - Example
Mysql Percona


--> What is HAProxy
--> HAProxy vs Nginx
--> HAProxy Load Balancing
--> HAProxy Cluster Setup Example
--> HAProxy Docker
--> HAProxy with Varnish SSL Termination Example
--> HAProxy http2
--> HAProxy GUI
--> HAProxy Install on Centos7
--> HAProxy Cloud Load Balancer
--> HAProxy Block by User-Agent
--> HAProxy Restrict by IP Address
--> HAProxy Redirect domain to another domain
Mysql Percona


--> How to Optimize/Repair a Table
--> MySQL - Check Which Query is Consuming Resources
--> How to Set your MySQL Password
--> Rest your MySQL Admin Password
--> How to Convert Table to InnoDB 
--> How to install Percona Database Server
--> How to Access the MySQL via Shell
--> How to Add a User in MySQL
--> How to Drop a User in MySQL
--> How to Create and Delete a MySQL Database
--> How to Create a Table in MySQL Database
--> How to Create a MySQL Database Backup
--> How to Import a MySQL Database
--> How to update the max_connections setting in MySQL
--> How to view a list of MySQL users and their privileges
--> Save MySQL query results into a text or CSV file
--> How to optimize a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin
--> How to solve MySQL max_user_connections error
--> How to enable Show Engine Innodb Status
--> Access mysql/mysqldump without password entry each time - Using .my.cnf
Varnish How tos

Varnish Cache

--> Setup Varnish Cache
--> Setup Varnish for Magento
--> Setup Varnish for Wordpress
--> Setup Varnish for MediaWiki
--> Setup Varnish - Multiple Domains
--> Setup Varnish - Multiple Ipaddress
--> Script to Clear a Page from Varnish Cache
--> Varnish will not restart WHY?
--> Warm up Varnish Script using Sitemap.xml
--> Varnish How to redirect non-www URLs to www
--> Install libvmod-header with Varnish
Nginx How tos

Nginx Web Server

--> Setup Nginx PHP FPM Percona Mysql
--> Wordpress Ngnix Rewrite Rules
--> Setup up Nginx Caching
--> Nginx Magento vhost Configuration
--> Basic HTTP Authentication with Nginx
--> Protecting Folders with Nginx
--> 403 Forbidden Error Nginx - How to Solve
Brian Nelson


--> How to add trusted root certificates
--> Find:_10_Useful_Examples_of_Find
--> Send email from PHP to a log file instead of sendmail
--> Debugging Wordpress
--> How to install Linux via USB
--> Network Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet
--> Linux Keyboard Shortcuts
--> Setup a SSH Tunnel for Secure Browsing
--> Install OpenSSH on Windows
--> Install Qmail on a Fresh Centos Server
--> Setup Qmail to Listen on port 587 for SMTP
--> Qmail catch-all account with vpopmail
--> Setup Incoming Email Pipe to Script for Qmail
--> Qmail Control Files
--> Install qmqtool for Qmail on Centos Server
--> Rest Email Password for vpopmail
--> How to check Used IP on your Home Network
--> How to find GMAIL IPs to allow at Firewall
--> Useful TCPDUMP commands
--> Remove Email Block Lists
--> How to disable qmail vpopmail email user 
--> Git Cheat Sheet - Git made easy
--> Top Chmod Command Examples for Beginners
--> Benchmarking and Load Testing with Siege
--> Benchmarking and Load Testing with Apache Bench(AB)
--> How do I find out more about socket files in /proc/fd
--> How to Disable the wp-cron.php in WordPress
--> How to delete mail queue in Postfix
--> Top Command Line Games - Linux CLI Games Cause Linux can be fun
--> Centos Oneliners
--> Bash Script to Check Memory with Email Alert when Low
--> Bash Script to Check Site Code Status with Email Alert