Magento Internal Cron not Running

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Magento Internal Cron is not Running

We have all noticed that after a while our internal Magento cron has stop working correctly. The one fix I have found for this is to remove all the old cron jobs from the cron_schedule table.

mysql> DELETE FROM cron_schedule WHERE status = "success" OR status = "missed";

If this does not help, you can also ways remove everything and let the new cron jobs start fresh.

mysql> TRUNCATE cron_schedule;

View all Magento Internal Scheduled Cron

Also if you would like to view all your scheduled cronjobs you can simply run

mysql> SELECT* FROM cron_schedule ORDER BY schedule_id DESC LIMIT 20;

This should fix most of the internal cron job issues, unless they are server issues. If it is a server side issue, you will want to check your web server log files.