Magento Database Optimization - Log Cleaning Script

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Magento Database Optimization - Log Cleaning Script

Has your Magento store been running slower and slower. When was the last time you did a real log cleaning and database optimization. Doing those two things will ensure that your Magento store will stay running smoother for longer.

Log Cleaning to Speed up your Site


The following tables are accessed during normal operation of your Magento store. Some of the logs files are access with every page view, and write/reading to them can dramatically slow down your site when they get large in size.

When I talk about log cleaning I mean truncating the following tables:

  • core_cache
  • core_cache_option
  • core_cache_tag
  • core_session
  • log_customer
  • log_quote
  • log_summary
  • log_summary_type
  • log_url
  • log_url_info
  • log_visitor
  • log_visitor_info
  • log_visitor_online
  • index_event
  • index_process_event
  • report_event
  • report_viewed_product_index
  • report_compared_product_index
  • dataflow_batch_export
  • dataflow_batch_import

Additional Enterprise tables need

  • enterprise_logging_event
  • enterprise_logging_event_changes

After cleaning out those logs, I have seen a site gain over 5 seconds off their load times.

Optimization/Repairing your Database Tables

I know that Magento uses alot of innodb tables and innodb tables do not use optimization but when your run the command it will recreate + analyze the table. This can help increase your page load times and database access speeds.

Bash Script to Clear Logs and Optimize Magento Tables

The bash script does everything except make a database backup, which I recommend doing anytime you make any changes to your database.

Basic walk-through of what the script will do.

  1. Put your site into maintenance mode - Important step to prevent database corruption/increase the speed and reduce locking of tables
  2. Truncates the above tables
  3. Repairs any tables that are in need of repair
  4. Optimize tables/recreate + analyze
  5. Takes your site out of maintenance mode

Also creates a log file in your home directory, letting you know whats going on in the background

Example of the log file, look for them in your home directory, feel free to delete them but can be used for debugging.


The only difference between Community and Enterprise is we truncate 2 additional logging tables.

This script needs to reside in your sites top level directory

Install via the Command Line

chmod +x magento-ce-db-optimize.script


chmod +x magento-ent-db-optimize.script

Now Lets run the script


-- Have not tested this on Magento 1.4 or older

Sample Output

Using Database: magento1501
Magento Version:
Database Size:  15.40 MB
Written by Brian Nelson @
Download at

Setting maintenance.flag ..
Setting Maintenacne Flag... [OK] 

Optimization Tables ...

Truncating Log tables ..
[1/20] Truncated: core_cache ... [OK]
[2/20] Truncated: core_cache_option ... [OK]
[3/20] Truncated: core_cache_tag ... [OK]
[4/20] Truncated: core_session ... [OK]
[5/20] Truncated: log_customer ... [OK]
[6/20] Truncated: log_quote ... [OK]
[7/20] Truncated: log_summary ... [OK]
[8/20] Truncated: log_summary_type ... [OK]
[9/20] Truncated: log_url ... [OK]
[10/20] Truncated: log_url_info ... [OK]
[11/20] Truncated: log_visitor ... [OK]
[12/20] Truncated: log_visitor_info ... [OK]
[13/20] Truncated: log_visitor_online ... [OK]
[14/20] Truncated: index_event ... [OK]
[15/20] Truncated: index_process_event ... [OK]
[16/20] Truncated: report_event ... [OK]
[17/20] Truncated: report_viewed_product_index ... [OK]
[18/20] Truncated: report_compared_product_index ... [OK]
[19/20] Truncated: dataflow_batch_export ... [OK]
[20/20] Truncated: dataflow_batch_import ... [OK]

Repairing Tables ..
Repairing Tables: ... [OK]

Optimizing Tables ..
Optimizing Table: ... [OK]


Removing maintenance.flag ..
Removing Maintenance Flag... [OK]

New Database Size ..
Database Size:  15.40 MB

Check Site to Make sure its Working...
Click Here -> {base_url}

Setting Up a Weekly Cron

This script can also be ran from a weekly cron

crontab -e

Then add the following line for every Sun at 5AM

0 5 * * 0 /bin/bash /path/to/html/magento-db-optimize.script

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