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Top Command Line Games - Linux CLI Games


What life without fun and games. 90% of our time goes with Linux terminal executing commands and all that geek stuff. Mostly servers run in runlevel 3 and sometimes life need a break. So here is a list of games that can be ran using the command line. Stop and enjoy the games


MUD or Multi-User Dungeon are probably my favourite command line games. They are basically a mix of the old text based adventure games and modern MMO. I Have listed that category of MUD as my favourite Command Line Game as there are so many great MUD’s, if your interested in playing on of these go to to find one that appeals to you. Also the great thing about MUD’s is you dont need to install any softwere becuase they use telent and nearly all operating system have a telnet client built in.

telnet 4002


This game will eat up your time as you try to figure out how to eat the numbers.

To Install

sudo apt-get install greed



Classic Games - BDGames Bundle

sudo apt-get install bsdgames


Yes it’s even found its way to the command line, this great little game has kept me entertained on many a Friday afternoon.

Commands: J: left L: Right K: Rotate Space: Drop




This is a growing worm game, much like the one you probably played on your old mobile. It’s a good game and it will keep you entertained for 10 minutes while you’re fixing your “writers block”

Comands: Arrow keys to move Ctrl-c to exit




This is a nice command line, multi-player, Backgammon game. Its got nice simple instructions for people that have never played backgammon and for people that have never used the command line version before. You can play agenised the computer or agenised a friend.




This is a simple quiz game that asks you nice simple maths question, not the most fun game on the list but it does keep your mind working while you’re taking a break.




Yup it can even be found in a command line version, sadly there is no board just text. It’s not bad though most people know how a monopoly board looks so you should be ok. The other downside is that you can’t play agenised a computer, but still good for lunch breaks.

Commands: Roll: to roll M: mortgage property ?: for more commands




This is a great little game where you have to direct aeroplanes to their destination. It takes a while to get used to the controls and they are a little cryptic, so I recommend reading the man page, but it’s worth it as it’s a real fun way of passing 5 minutes.


man atc



Go Fish

The game finishes when one of the players has run out of cards and the winner is the one with the most books.

It is really a children's game, but I sill like it. I find it ideal to play when I know that I have only got a few minutes, such as between compiles, and want to relax for a bit.




This two-person game is played against the computer on a 19x19 grid. You have a choice of counters: black or white, with your opponent having the other colour. The object is to take it in turn placing your counters, the winner is the first to get 5 in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.




Inspired by Star Trek, this is a classic space exploration game. When playing it, you have to remember that you are the captain of the space ship and hence have to rely on the information presented to you, when asked for, as opposed to having it all at one time. It does take a little getting used to, but it is definitely worthwhile.




A good version of the popular Parker Brothers game. In this you are presented with a 4x4 grid of letters and you have 2½ minutes to find as many words as you can with 3 or more characters made of connecting letters. Another game that is great to play between compiles.