Check Memory Usage of Memcached

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Check How much Memory Usage Memcached is Using

Are you having issues with memcached crashing? You can use the following command to check the via port or unix socket.

echo; read -p "Socket(Enter if using IP): " _ADDRESS_; if [ -z $_ADDRESS_ ]; then _OPT_=; read -p "IP Address: " _ADDRESS_; \
read -p "PORT: " _PORT_; else _OPT_='-U'; _PORT_=; fi; echo -e "\nMemcached is $(echo "stats slabs" | nc $_OPT_ $_ADDRESS_ \
$_PORT_ > ~/.tmpMemcachedLogFile; echo "scale=3;100*$(awk '/used_chunks/ {sum+=$NF} END{print sum}' \
 ~/.tmpMemcachedLogFile)/$(awk '/total_chunks/ {sum+=$NF} END{print sum}' ~/.tmpMemcachedLogFile)" | bc)% filled\n"; \
 rm ~/.tmpMemcachedLogFile

memcache memory usage

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