Install Tomcat6 Server on Centos 6

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How to install Tomcat6 on Centos6

How to install Tomcat6 Server on Centos6

Tomcat is an Opensource webserver and used for Java Servelet and JSP web applications. It is a product of Apache Foundation. It is like Apache HTTP Server. To run Tomcat Webserver in a linux server we need to install JAVA in that machine. In this tutorial I will show you how to install and configure JAVA and Apache Tomcat in a linux server

Cento's default repo has Tomcat6 available for install

yum install tomcat6 tomcat6-webapps tomcat6-docs-webapp tomcat6-admin-webapps

By default Tomcat6 will run over port 8080, and if yo are using this to serve your site, you will want to change this to port 80

vim /etc/tomcat6/tomcat6.conf

Look for #CONNECTOR_PORT="8080" and change it to CONNECTOR_PORT="80"

sed -i 's/#CONNECTOR_PORT="8080"/CONNECTOR_PORT="80"/g' /etc/tomcat6/tomcat6.conf 

Now lets start up Tomcat6

/etc/init.d/tomcat6 start


service tomcat6 start

Let make sure it starts on bootup

chkconfig tomcat6 on