How to Create Users in Mageento

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Creating New Roles and Users in Magento

One you log into the Admin Panel as a User with Admin Privileges

Create New User Roles

1. Go to System -> Permissions -> Roles
2. Create new role, click button "Add New Role"
3. Enter "Role Name"
4. Click on tab "Role Resources"
5. Select in the drop-down "Resource Access" option "Custom" and you can see tree with all available resources
6. Select resources you want to share for new user (for instance, mark only Catalog > Manage Products checkboxes)
7. Save role (click on button "Save Role")

Create new Admin User

1. Go to System -> Permissions -> Users
2. Create new user, click button "Add New User"
3. Fill form with user info
4. Open tab "User Role" 
5. Choose your new created role (click on this role in the grid)
6. Save user (click on button "Save User")

If you ever forget your admin user password you can always reset the password using the database

How to Reset Magento Password