Install libvmod-header with Varnish

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Install libvmod-header with Varnish

Back story, varnish was already installed on the server but we did not have access to the scr directory as it was installed with YUM.

Install Varnish but Not Install it

Need the following installed before it would allow me to make (varnish and libvmod-header)

yum install python-docutils automake autoconf libtool ncurses-devel libxslt groff pcre-devel pkgconfig
mkdir ~/download

First check the version of varnish you are running as you will need the src files to install this

varnishd -V

Now that you have the version, you can download the source from

varnishd (varnish-3.0.3 revision 9e6a70f)
Copyright (c) 2006 Verdens Gang AS
Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Varnish Software AS

Now get the vanrish files from

cd /~download
tar -zxvf varnish-3.0.3.tar.gz
cd varnish-3.0.3/

Lets make it but not install it, yum already had, we just need the src built to install libvmod-header


Now we did not need to go any further as we did not need to install it.

Install libvmod-header from GIT

Get the libvmod-header from GIT (

cd ~/download
git clone
cd libvmod-header
./configure VARNISHSRC=/home/nexbnelson/download/varnish-3.0.3 VMODDIR=/usr/lib64/varnish/vmods/
make install

Lets check and make sure its there

cd /usr/lib64/varnish/vmods/

You should now see it installed there


Restart Varnish

Lets restart varnish and make sure its starts back up.

service varnish restart


/etc/init.d/varnish restart