Install NewRelic on Centos6

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Install NewRelic on Centos6

New Relic is a software analytics company based in San Francisco, California. Lew Cirne founded New Relic in 2008 and currently acts as the company's CEO. New Relic's technology, delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model, monitors Web and mobile applications in real-time that run in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments.

1) Install NewRelic Repos

32 Bit

rpm -Uvh

64 Bit

rpm -Uvh

2) Install NewRelic

yum install newrelic-php5 newrelic-sysmond
newrelic-install install

3) Now Start Newrelic-Sysmond

Now lets setup the NewRelic System Monitor by adding your Key to the configuration file

vim /etc/newrelic/nrsysmond.cfg 

Add the Following

license_key=<Your License Key>
/etc/init.d/newrelic-sysmond start

4) Start on Boot

Now lets make sure that it starts when the server gets restarted

chkconfig newrelic-sysmond on
chkconfig newrelic-daemon on

5) Verify everything is running

Lets confirm that the service is running correctly

/etc/init.d/newrelic-daemon status && /etc/init.d/newrelic-sysmond status

6) Last Step - Restart all

Next Restart all Services

Restart your web servers: httpd, nginx, php-fpm, etc.

In a few minutes, your application will send data to New Relic